I'm Kevin Klockzin

I am a seasoned online marketer helping companies identify leads and create strategic actions to guide them to the desired conversion gently.

Kevin Klockzin. Seasoned Online Marketing Veteran from Germany.

Web Creation

I design & develop good looking websites & highly functional webshops


I get your pages /ads to the top of the SERP for relevant search queries.

Digital Campaigns

I strategize, implement & optimize full-funnel marketing campaigns

Tracking & Analytics

I help you identify all relevant touch points along the customer journey

My Skills

Why Hire me for your Project?

I offer 15 years of international professional experience and have worked for SMEs and corporations. My clients were primarily B2B-focused companies from a wide variety of sectors, e.g.: SaaS, IoT, MedTech, mobile app development.

Previous employers and clients appreciated my holistic expertise, my ability to familiarise myself quickly with new subjects, my positive energy, my commitment, and my structured approach.

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Personality ENFJ-A / EMFJ-T

Project 1

marketing for ecommerce

It was a close call for a stagnant webshop that had been running for almost two years without any significant growth. The monthly revenue was so low, it barely covered the basic costs. The management team was urgently looking for a competent online marketer to save the shop.

Project 2

Marketing For DiGA

A fantastic opportunity arose at the end of 2019 to support a small medical technology start-up. The team, which was barely in double figures at the time, needed a consultant to help them set up a new marketing department and work with them to build a full-funnel sales strategy.

Project 3

marketing for SaaS

A seven-year-old start-up was to be relocated from Berlin to Nuremberg. That's what the investors and the new CEO wanted. The founding team had already left and the remaining employees did not want to accept the offer to move to Nuremberg as well. Therefore, the search was on for a new team. Together with the Head of Sales, I was the first member of the new team. The task: to move the company, not to drive it to the wall in the process, and to set it up anew.

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